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This is me (on the right) getting weird at The Coney last week. The Tower of Power does me dirty.

This is me (on the right) getting weird at The Coney last week. The Tower of Power does me dirty.

H.B. Culpeppers

Since I’m a hardcore Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I usually go here on game days for the specials. They have a 2-story bar, with tons of t.v.’s to watch the big game, and tons of (mostly) Pens and Steelers memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Monday: 9 p.m.-midnight $1.00 pints (Bud Lt., Miller Lt., Coors Lt., Labatt, Pabst, Yunegling, Black and Tan)

10 p.m.- midnight- $2.00 Bacardi’s

Tuesday: 9 p.m.-midnight $1.00 pints (Bud Lt., Miller Lt., Coors Lt., Labatt, Pabst, Yunegling, Black and Tan)

10 p.m.-midnight- $1.00 well’s

$5.00 Big Ass Margaritas

Wednesday: 10 p.m.-midnight- $5.35 select pitchers, $7.50 import pitchers

Thursday: 9 p.m.-midnight- $1.00 pints

10 p.m.-midnight- $2.00 Smirnoff

Friday: 9 p.m.-11p.m. $1.50 pints, $2.00 long island’s

Saturday: 9 p.m.-11 p.m. $1.50 pints, $2.00 wells

Sunday: 10 p.m.-midnight $5.25 select pitchers, $7.25 import pitchers, $2.00 wells

They have tons to food specials everyday, too. You can check out their Website here.

The Coney

I legit love this bar at IUP. DJ JACK will hook it up!!! He’s the best DJ ever, seriously. He’s awesome, he plays the best beats… can’t beat it.

This bar is also one of my favorites in Indiana, Pa. It’s right on Philly Street with the others. Let’s get right to the drink specials.

Monday: All day- $3.50 Sam Adams Seasonal

 9-11 p.m. $1.50 Domestic Drafts and $5.95 Shaker Shots (MY FAVE!)


Tuesday: All day- $3.50 Blue Moon

9-11 p.m. $2.50 Bud Light Pitchers, $1.00 wells, $2.25 Import Bottles


Wednesday: All day- $2.00 Michelob Ultra

9-11 p.m. $1.00 Bud Light Drafts, $1.00 wells


Thursday: All day- $2.00 Bud Light Drafts

9-11 p.m. $1.50 Red Stag


Friday: All day- $2.00 Bud Light Drafts

9-11 p.m. $1.50 You-call-its


Saturday: All day- $2.00 Yuengling

9-11 p.m. $1.50 Tuengling Drafts, $1.50 Captian’s


Sunday: All day- $4.25 Guiness Drafts

9-11 p.m. $2.00 Call brands

A couple reasons why the Coney’s legit. 1- The DJ’s are awesome. They never fail to play the best music. 2- The have 3 bars in the place, a patio to sit outside when the weather warms up, and 3- The Tower of Power. This is why I go to the Coney. The TOP is a tiny stage high above the Coney where the sexies can dance for everyone. Haha, I usually get up there after I’ve have five or so drinks. Tell the DJ your name, dance for a song, try not to fall down the steps, and get a free shot. Nothing better. It’s not the classiest bar ever, but it’s got booze and that’s all that matters, correct?

You can check out their Website here.

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Wolfies Pub and Club

Wolfendale’s Pub and Club, aka “Wolfies” is located on Philly Street at IUP. This is where I spend most of my days that end in a “Y.” Here’s why:

  • Monday:  $1 Bud & Bud Light bottles 10pm-12am
  • Tuesday:  50 cent well drinks 10pm-12am
  • Wednesday:  $1 ALL Mixed Drinks 10pm-12am
    $1 ALL Bottled Beer 10pm-12am
    $3 Bud Light Pitchers ALL DAY 5pm-2am
  • Thursday:  $3 Bud Light Pitchers 9pm-12am
    $2 You-Call-Its 10pm-12am
    $2 Beam Night
  • Friday:  $1.50 Well Drinks 9pm-11pm
    $1.50 Bud Light Pint Drafts 9pm-11pm
    $1.50 Captain’s ALL DAY until 11pm
  • Saturday:  GAME DAY
    $1.50 Well Drinks 9pm-11pm
    $1.50 Bud Light Drafts ALL DAY til 11pm
    $2 Long Islands 9pm-11pm
    DJ Oz & Kahula 10pm-12am

If those nightly specials aren’t enough to make you leave the library and b-line towards Wolfies, they have daily specials as well. You can check those out on

In addition to that, they have cages to dance in (!!!), two balconies, a pool table, foosball, and state-of-the-art sound and light systems. Not to mention some pretty sexy bartenders. You can also sign up to recieve texts from Wolfies, which come one or twice a day to tell you about the upcoming specials.

One last thing: Wolfies has had some pretty bangin’ celebrities visit. Snooki, Angelina and Deena from MTV’s Jersey Shore, Jeff Schroeder from Amazing Race and Big Brother, and Heather Chadwell from VH1’s Rock of Love to name a few.

A little slice of Heaven… aka Philadelphia Street

Philly Street’s where all the madness happens at IUP. This is the Las Vegas Blvd. of this college town, if you will. It’s located “uptown” or about a 10-minute walk from campus. Or if you’re buzzin’ like a bumble bee already and walking is SO out of the picture, call my good friend Nipps. Not a good friend at all, actually. He’s my sugar daddy of taxi drivers. A $4.00 fee will get you and your friends uptown from just about anywhere around the campus/surrounding streets. Here’s the math: (427) 541-0252. Now, I must warn you. Nipps doesn’t exactly drive you around in a luxury, fancy taxi cab. More like a rusty, white van, to be blunt. Hey, it’s got wheels so that’s all that matters. You can laugh at all the girls trying to walk in 6-inch stillettos up Wayne Avenue.

I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget.

Drake- “Show Me a Good Time”